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About Maria Mantoudakis


I empower people to achieve the changes they seek in life and reach their desired level of greatness through my books, masterclasses, and inspirational speeches.

Maria Mantoudakis is an author, award-winning motivational speaker, professional transformational leader, and personal development coach. In May 2008, Maria was ranked as one of the top two speakers in New York and New Jersey by Toastmasters International.

In addition, Maria Mantoudakis is Client Lead at British Telecom Americas. Her work experience includes a more than a thirty-year career with British Telecom, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Alcatel. She has also recently launched her company for personal development and transformation, ReCreate Success Now.

Maria’s passion is in the areas of personal and professional development, that includes motivational speaking, coaching, leadership, and transformation. She is a former Certified Instructor of the Dale Carnegie CourseTM which she taught for fifteen years. In December 2008, Maria was honored by being in the top ten-percentile ranking of instructors around the world.

In January 2017, Maria became a Certified Trainer of the Jack Canfield Success Principles Program. The Jack Canfield “Success Principles Program” focuses on intentional living through the creation and realization of life purpose and success utilizing Universal principles.

Maria offers personal development and life coaching programs that challenge individual comfort zones resulting in professional and personal development, leadership, achievement of life purpose, and transformational goals.

Tsunami to Greatness – New Book!

Tsunami to Greatness

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5 Ways to Self Love – Discovering the Perfection in You

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Credentials & Certificates

Top 3 Speakers in New York and New Jersey by Toastmasters International

Top 10 Percentile of Dale Carnegie Instructors Globally

Former Certified Instructor of the Dale Carnegie CourseTM

Certified Trainer of the Jack Canfield Success Principles Program

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer



Mastermind for Manifesting Our 2021 Vision and Affirmations

Per your request during our January 24th session, this is the invitation to the February Mastermind. This is offered especially for our ReCreate Success Now Facebook group community. In this session we will continue focusing on our 2021 Vision and Affirmations. Now that we have set our intentions from the January 24, 2021 session, let’s get together to celebrate accomplishments and set intentions for the next month.

You will step away feeling supported by the Mastermind group to manifest your 2021 intentions, you will feel more positive and empowered to take control of your life to experience the joy you deserve.

Free Live Webinar
February 21, 2021
3:00pm Eastern Time

Past Events


All You Need Is Love


This is a free webinar intended for members of the ReCreate Success Now Facebook Group.

In this webinar we will introduce YOU to YOU!!!

Are you sometimes tough on yourself?

Are you always expecting perfection from yourself?

In this webinar we will discuss topics of Self Love, and a new way to see yourself. This will create a fabulous foundation from which to experience a better relationship with yourself and others.

Free Live Webinar
February 6, 2021
3:00pm Eastern Time
Taught by Maria Mantoudakis

At the end of this Webinar:

  • You will understand the perfection of You!!!
  • Access your True Self
  • Understand the Gold in You and Others
  • Develop “Superman” X-Ray Vision When Dealing with Yourself and Others

Let’s Create Our 2021 Vision

During these challenging times, this is offered especially for our ReCreate Success Now Community. Now more than ever it is important to set our intentions for 2021!

It is especially important now that we fill the world with positivity and intention.

Would you like to create your Vision for the New Year? This free Masterclass will empower you to get clarity on your intention, and create your Vision. We will also discuss topics of Life Purpose, and all that is needed in order for the Universal Law of Attraction to bring all that you desire.

You will step away more positive and empowered to take control of your life to experience the joy you deserve.

Free Live Webinar
January 24, 2021
3:00pm Eastern Time
Taught by Maria Mantoudakis

Join Maria’s Masterclasses, Webinars, and Programs

Maria’s courses are based on her book, Tsunami to Greatness. Her courses take the participants on a transformational journey that begins with addressing overwhelm, uncertainty, despair (life tsunamis), and provides concepts and exercises to propel the participants into a journey of self-love, understanding of universal laws, and peace of knowing that the synchronicity of the Universe results in our self-evolution, and greatness.

Corporate Seminar

Corporate Seminars

Maria’s unique methods of corporate seminars enhance team skills, save time and money and contribute to career and organizational success.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small group training is the perfect way to get more individualized attention to sharpen your life and business skills in a like-minded environment.

Personal Life Coaching

Want to improve your lifestyle and feel better about yourself? Maria specializes in transition life coaching for both personal and professional empowerment.

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