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Tsunami to Greatness

Unleashing the Power of Self-Love and Synchronicity to Become the Best Version of You

Tsunami to Greatness

From Personal Crisis to Unprecedented Greatness

Many of us are living in a personal storm of overwhelm, negativity, sadness—even panic. 

These beliefs create overwhelming feelings of being a victim, a negative trap of never-ending negativity, guilt, sadness, depression, panic. When these are embraced, you will find a shift in your life. You will find the peace, abundance, joy, and purpose that is yours.  

Inside Tsunami to Greatness you will discover how to:   

  • Achieve your full potential by breaking the chains of negativity, pain, overwhelm, guilt, and sadness    
  • Receive the joy, health, abundance, peace, love, and synchronicity the Universe has for you
  • Allow your true self to emerge in your journey to your greatness    

If you are not living your life to its fullest, Tsunami to Greatness will show you how universal laws and practices can lead you to your next level of greatness.

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Discovering the Perfection of You!!

Praise for Tsunami to Greatness


“If you’re struggling with challenge, adversity, or overwhelm, Tsunami to Greatness will bring you hope and show you what’s possible. Maria Mantoudakis’s remarkable account of the many miracles throughout her life is an inspiration. Through applying the Universal laws and practices offered in this book, you can live your greatest life.”

—Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

“A tsunami of gems await you in Maria Mantoudakis’s first book, Tsunami to Greatness.  With candor, clarity, and compassion Maria helps us see our our struggles in life with new eyes and discover the gifts they bring.  This book is like having your very own up-close-and-personal guide for being an artist of life, living true to your Self. Wisdom on every page!”

—Dr. Kymn Harvin, international best-selling author of The Soul of America Speaks: Wisdom for Healing and Moving Forward

Tsunami to Greatness shines a unique perspective on the true self, where our high vibration feelings of peace, love and gratefulness reside. Maria Mantoudakis provides real world insight on how to access our true self and live a fulfilling, joyous and purposeful life.”

—Chris Curran, author of Leap Beyond Your Limits

If you are stuck in a rut and feel like you are just going through the motions every day, existing but not really living, Tsunami to Greatness will help you identify your purpose and start living a transformed life that makes a difference in this world. Maria Mantoudakis shares her heart and experiences to empower you to achieve your greatness and become the best version of you.

—Wendy Off Gonzalez, Corporate Training Consultant